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QRC intern, vendor, supervisor orientation and refresher sessions in 2024, 2025

The in-person orientation training session is for qualified rehabilitation consultant (QRC) interns, QRC intern supervisors, newly registered job-placement vendors, rehabilitation providers re-entering the field and registered rehabilitation providers interested in refreshing their skills. CRC/CDMS continuing education units will be available.

Dates, times, location

Orientation registration and payment

All participants must register and pay online. The session will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis, so early registration is encouraged. The cost is $75 a person.

  • Register now

  • When registering, the "license number" QRCs should enter is their QRC registration number. Vendors and placement staff members from QRC firms should use their firm's four-digit registration number. For all others who are not registered as a rehabilitation provider, leave the "registration number" section blank and continue the registration process.

The Department of Labor and Industry reserves the right to cancel this session if there are not enough participants registered.

Accommodations, more information

If you need special accommodation, have questions or need to notify the Department of Labor and Industry about not being able to attend, contact Tracey Haskin at 651-284-5370 or