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Meetings currently occur both in person at the Department of Labor and Industry (get directions and parking information) and via Webex. See Minnesota Statutes 13D.021 for remote meeting requirements. For technical assistance, email Carey Wagner at

Meeting link, materials for Oct. 12, 4 p.m.

Webex access for public attendees

About MSRB

The Medical Services Review Board (MSRB) is composed of two chiropractic representatives, one hospital representative, one registered nurse, one physical therapist, one occupational therapist, six physicians of different specialties, one employee representative and one employer/insurer representative.

MSRB advises the department about workers' compensation medical issues; is the liaison between the department and the medical-provider community; and supports and engages in the education of the provider community about workers' compensation. MSRB also has the authority to sanction a medical provider after a hearing at the Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH) if there has been a violation of the workers' compensation statutes or rules.

By statute, MSRB is a separate entity from the department. However, the department supplies all required administrative support to the board.

MSRB meets quarterly, from 4 to 6 p.m., via Webex. The meeting schedule, agendas and minutes are below. For more information or to be added to the email list for meeting notices, contact Lisa Wichterman at or 651-284-5173. People on the email list for meeting notices may also receive periodic updates from the department about workers' compensation activities.

MSRB meeting schedule, agendas, minutes

Oct. 12 Agenda Minutes
July 20 Agenda Minutes
April 20
Agenda Minutes
Jan. 19 Agenda Minutes
Oct. 13 Agenda Minutes
July 21 Agenda Minutes
April 21 Agenda Minutes
Jan. 20 Agenda Minutes
Oct. 14 Agenda Minutes
July 15 Agenda Minutes
April 15 Agenda Minutes
Jan. 21 Agenda Minutes

Traumatic Brain Injury Workgroup, Dec. 12, 2022

  • Join the meeting by computing device at (no longer available).

    • New:  Computing device participants must now enter the password (no longer available). 

  • Join the meeting by phone at 415-655-0003 or 855-282-6330 and enter access code (no longer available).

    • New:  Phone participants must now enter the password (no longer available).

  • View the agenda 

Treatment Parameter Work Group

The MSRB Treatment Parameter Work Group will meet via Webex:

The work group will review Minnesota Rules 5221.6050, 5221.6200, 5221.6205 and 5221.6210. The goal of the work group is to identify the following, based on current standards of medical practice.

  • Is the subpart still relevant and needed?

  • Does the section part or subpart need to be amended?

  • Is further research needed on a section part or subpart?

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder Workgroup meetings at DLI

Green meeting practices

The state of Minnesota is committed to minimizing the environmental impact of this event by following green meeting practices. DLI is minimizing the environmental impact of its events by following green meeting practices. DLI encourages participants to use electronic copies of handouts or to print them on 100% post-consumer processed chlorine-free paper, double-sided.