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Next meeting:  Sept. 11, 2024

Public attendees

  • To join by computing device:  Login in and register at (link will be provided before the meeting) and enter the password (password will be provided before the meeting).

  • To join by phone:  Dial 415-655-0003 or 855-282-6330 and enter the access code (access code will be provided before the meeting) and the password (password will be provided before the meeting).

  • To join in person:  This meeting will be at the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry, Minnesota Room, 443 Lafayette Road N., St. Paul, MN (get directions, parking information).

When meeting remotely, all participants are able to hear everything, but can speak only if public input is requested, at which time the host will unmute your microphone. View Webex instructions:  interactive instructions; and printable instructions. Only the host can receive chat messages in the Webex application. For technical assistance, email Carey Wagner at

WCAC members, presenters (panelists)

  • Log in from the link provided in your meeting invitation.

All are able to mute and unmute their microphones. Click the hand icon to indicate you wish to speak. If the host or chairperson calls on you, unmute yourself and state your name before speaking. Comments should be brief and concise. Note the use of headphones may impact your microphone. After you have finished commenting, mute yourself and click the hand icon again to turn it off.

Meeting materials from past meetings

About WCAC

The Workers' Compensation Advisory Council (WCAC) addresses issues and recommends legislation pertaining to workers' compensation. It consists of 12 voting members (six representing organized labor and six representing Minnesota businesses), 10 of which are appointed by the governor, the majority and minority leaders of the Senate, and by the speaker and minority leader of the House of Representatives. The other two members are the presidents of the largest statewide Minnesota business organization and the largest organized labor association. In addition, the majority and minority leaders of the Senate and the speaker and minority leader of the House of Representatives shall each appoint a caucus member as a liaison to the council. The WCAC chairperson is the commissioner of the Department of Labor and Industry (DLI) and is a nonvoting member. The WCAC executive director is the DLI assistant commissioner who oversees the Workers' Compensation Division.

WCAC advises the DLI commissioner about matters of workers' compensation and submits its recommendations for proposed changes to the workers' compensation statutes to the proper legislative committees. WCAC's recommendations must be supported by a majority of business and labor members.

By statute, DLI supplies all required administrative support to WCAC.

WCAC generally meets on the second Wednesday of even-numbered months from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m., although this schedule is subject to change. Meetings are currently online via Webex. For more information or to be added to the email list for meeting notices, contact Alyssa Westergard at or 651-284-5187.

WCAC meeting schedule, agendas, minutes

Sept. 11 Agenda Minutes
June 12 Agenda Minutes
May 8 Agenda Minutes
April 10 Agenda Minutes
March 13 Agenda Minutes
Feb. 21 Agenda Minutes
Feb. 7 Agenda Minutes
Jan. 10 Agenda Minutes
Dec. 13 Agenda Minutes
 Nov. 8 Agenda Minutes
Oct. 11 Agenda Minutes
Sept. 13 Agenda Minutes
Aug. 9 Agenda Minutes
April 20 Agenda Minutes
March 28 Agenda Minutes
March 8 Agenda Minutes
Feb. 8 Agenda Minutes
Jan. 25 Agenda Minutes
Jan. 11 Agenda Minutes
Dec. 14 Agenda Minutes
Nov. 9 Agenda Minutes
Oct. 12 Agenda Minutes
Sept. 14 Agenda Minutes
Aug. 10 Agenda Minutes
June 8 Agenda Minutes
April 12 Agenda Minutes
Feb. 1 Agenda Minutes
Jan. 26 Agenda Minutes
Jan. 13 Agenda Minutes

Green meeting practices

The state of Minnesota is committed to minimizing the environmental impact of this event by following green meeting practices. The Department of Labor and Industry (DLI) is minimizing the environmental impact of its events by following green meeting practices. DLI encourages participants to use electronic copies of handouts or to print them on 100% post-consumer processed chlorine-free paper, double-sided.