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About the update conference

Attendance and participation in the rehabilitation provider update conference session is required of all qualified rehabilitation consultants (QRCs) and QRC interns. All placement staff members from QRC and vendor firms are encouraged to attend. Registered job placement vendors must have at least one representative from their organization participate. Non-attendance may be allowed only for emergency situations (Minnesota Rules 5220.1500, subpart 3a). Otherwise, nonparticipation may result in professional conduct and accountability discipline.

The presentations and handouts are available for download before the training session to write notes on them. Standard practice is for presenters to provide you with more information that what is shown in the presentations.


There are currently no sessions scheduled. The cost for these sessions is $75 a person. CRC/CDMS:  Five continuing education credits will be available to participants.

Accommodations, more information

If you need special accommodation, have questions or need to notify the Department of Labor and Industry about not being able to attend due to an emergency situation, contact Mike Hill at 651-284-5153 or


Presentations, handouts



Presentations and videos

  • Welcome, introductory remarks (There is no file to download for this segment.) – Video

  • Caught in the middle:  Divergent care perspectives in the return-to-work process – Presentation | Video

  • Orthopedic injection therapy:  Types and effectiveness, and when do they work best? – Presentation | Video

  • How a defense attorney prepares a file after getting a referral – Presentation | Video

  • Case law update – Presentation | Video

  • Return-to-work services and COVID-19 – Presentation | Video

  • Mastering artificial intelligence in job search – Presentation | Video

  • Best practices or "What should I do?" (There is no file to download for this segment.) Video