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COMPACT is a quarterly publication for workers' compensation professionals. Published by the Department of Labor and Industry's Workers' Compensation Division, this newsletter provides the most recent news and case information in the field of workers' compensation. Visit the archive for past editions.

August 2020 – Special edition:  COVID-19


  • DLI Workers' Compensation Division updates related to COVID-19

  • Denials of liability related to COVID-19 illnesses

  • Other denial scenarios that may also apply to COVID-19 claims

  • Helpful tips:  Conducting mediations, conferences remotely

  • Filing a first report of injury for COVID-19 claims

  • Department tracks workers'-compensation-related COVID-19 claims

  • COVID-19 and recordkeeping

  • Turn to Office of Workers' Compensation Ombudsman for help with claims

  • Discontinuing benefits on COVID-19 claims:  Specificity, layoffs

  • Waiver of workers' compensation rights prohibited

  • Worker protections related to COVID-19

June 2020


  • DLI Workers' Compensation Division updates related to COVID-19

  • DLI seeks medical consultant

  • How do workers get injured:  Claims characteristic flyer updated with 2018 data

  • How do teen workers get injured:  Claims characteristics flyer updated for 2016-2018

  • Work Comp Campus:  Testing, developing training, announcing new virtual Q&A sessions

  • DLI or OAH:  Where to file documents related to a dispute

  • Recordkeeping training offered in September, October

  • Turn to the Office of Workers' Compensation Ombudsman for help with claims

  • Outcomes of complaints about registered rehabilitation providers, 2019

  • WCRI report compares Minnesota with 17 other states

  • Annual reports updated, available online:

  • Collection and Assessment of Fines and Penalties

  • Prompt First Action Report on Workers' Compensation Claims

  • CompFact:  Workers' compensation indemnity claims trends by industry

  • Workers' compensation events calendar

  • Court decisions:  November 2019 through April 2020

Special edition

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