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Health care providers


  • Basic adjusters' training – These classes, at the Department of Labor and Industry in St Paul, are designed for claims adjusters who have less than one year experience handling Minnesota workers' compensation claims.

  • Customized training for insurers

  • Downloadable insurer training materials – developed for use in insurer training classes

Rehabilitation providers

  • Orientation training sessions, Feb. 14 and Aug. 20, 2020  – The orientation training sessions are for rehabilitation providers seeking skills training and are specifically required for qualified rehabilitation consultant (QRC) interns, new job search vendors and rehabilitation providers inactive for two years. QRC intern supervisors are encouraged to attend so that intern training meets Department of Labor and Industry requirements.

  • Rehabilitation provider update, Sept. 20, 2020 – This training is required for all qualified rehabilitation consultants (QRCs) and QRC interns with placement staff encouraged to attend. Registered job placement vendors must have at least one representative from their organization participate.