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We perform, for a fee, two types of construction-related reviews.

  1. At a municipality's request, we will review plans using the State Building Code as a guide. This review includes Minnesota Rules including 1305, International Building Code; 1306, Special Fire Protection Systems; 1341, Accessibility Code; 1346, Mechanical Code and the State Energy Code.

  2. We can also complete a NFPA 13 fire sprinkler review.

Plan review agreement

By submitting an Application for State Plan Review (paper application or apply online), both the agency and municipality agree:

  1. The applicant provides a complete set of applicable contract documents for review. This includes drawings, specifications, sample structural calculations, code record, hydraulic calculations, geotechnical report, special inspections and testing agreement, energy code calculations, all associated addenda and plan review fees calculated in accordance with our fee schedule.

  2. Our staff reviews and evaluates the application materials in accordance with the current Minnesota State Building Code.

  3. We make all interpretations and applications of the State Building Code.

  4. Our staff prepares a plan review report and submits it to the municipal building official, identifying whether the proposed work appears to comply with the applicable provisions of the State Building Code or if revisions to the contract documents are required. Any deficiencies will be listed and explained in the report and explained with reference to the applicable code sections.

  5. The plan review report evaluates and comments about any proposed "alternate materials or methods" or "modifications" submitted with the contract documents. However, final approval rests with the building official.

  6. We will mail and email the plan review report to the municipal building official.

  7. The service is complete when we issue the plan review report. Then, the municipal building official is responsible for any follow-up review of revised contract documents to determine compliance with the State Building Code and ultimately whether to issue a building permit. However, we will talk with the building official about any issues concerning the plan review or any follow-up responses submitted by the designer.

  8. Although we try to review plans quickly, we can't guarantee how long it will take. Our staff will provide an estimate to the building official before and during the process.

  9. Our fee for plan review is 65 percent of the building permit fee calculated by the fee calculator.