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The Minnesota Dual-Training Pipeline is an innovative approach to address current and future workforce needs. The program works with employers to change the conversation from “How do we find workers with the skills we need?” to “How do we GIVE workers the skills we need?”

Pipeline exists to support employers in creating or enhancing a competency based dual-training approach where workers receive a combination of related instruction strategically paired with on-the-job training. Dual-training grants through the Minnesota Office of Higher Education provide funding for employers to create new and expand existing dual-training initiatives.

We bring together leaders from local industry to identify, define, and validate occupational competencies, which then become approved Pipeline occupations. 

About the Minnesota Dual-Training Pipeline


The program targets four, high-growth industries with limited history with Minnesota's apprenticeship system:


Additional employer resources

Dual training

Dual training is an earn-while-you-learn approach where the employer invests in their employee by providing training in competency-based work skills and related instruction. For an employee to qualify for a dual-training program, they must:

  1. be employed by the participating dual training employer and,

  2. be accepted into the employer’s dual-training program that meets industry competency standards for a specific occupation.

Minnesota Dual-Training Pipeline objectives

  • engage employers, educators, labor and public agencies to support employment-based education;

  • enhance Minnesota’s skilled workforce; and

  • expand dual-training and registered apprenticeship in Minnesota.