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If you want to file a complaint related to combative sports in Minnesota, complete a grievance form and send the completed form to the Office of Combative Sports (OCS). 

Please include:

  1. your name and contact information;

  2. the person or entity this complaint is being made against;

  3. whether the complaint is against a combatant, promoter, licensed official or other;

  4. the outcome you are seeking such as a license action, change in procedure, etc.; and

  5. facts such as the time of day, date, event name, individuals involved, etc.

Send completed forms to Eileen McNiff at or mail to:

Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry
Office of Combative Sports
Attention:  Eileen McNiff
443 Lafayette Road N.
St. Paul, MN 55155-4341

How the complaint review process works

After we receive your complaint, any other party involved will be given seven days to respond to your complaint. 

The commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry will issue a final order about your complaint within 14 days of the submission to our office. However, the commissioner can add to this timeframe if the matter needs additional review or the commissioner wants input from the Combative Sports Advisory Council.

To contest this final order, you would need to request for a contested case hearing with the Office of Administrative Hearings.