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Minnesota Dual-Training Pipeline 101 Webinar

This webinar will walk attendees through the basics of employment-based training, share tips and advice about how to set up a dual-training initiative at your company.

The Pipeline team will offer resources developed to support on-the-job-training and partnerships with education providers. It is intended for people new to Pipeline as well as those who would like a refresher about the program.

Industry Forums

  • All-Industry Forum:  June 11, 2024, from 9 to 10:30 a.m., at the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry, 443 Lafayette Road N., Saint Paul, MN 55155.

  • Join DLI Pipeline staff to discuss the latest workforce trends in all seven Pipeline industries, hear success stories from employers, get updates on the program and interact with industry leaders and educators from across the state. RSVP is not required but suggested at

Resources from past Industry Forums

Workforce Community Conversations

Learn about Minnesota Dual-Training Pipeline and how it can help your company meet its workforce needs. Workforce Community Conversation attendees are invited to share their unique workforce challenges and successes, network with other business leaders and learn about the Minnesota Dual-Training Pipeline.

  • Check back later for 2024 Workforce Community Conversation dates and locations.

Speaker Series

  • May 23, 2024, from 9 to 10 a.m. – Speaker Series featuring Lisa Tabor of CultureBrokers, LLC, and the presentation "The Inclusive Pipeline:  Leveraging DEI for Enhanced Hiring, Retention and Organizational Growth." Learn more and register.

Resources from past Speaker Series events

  • Download the presentation from our Oct. 3, 2023, Speaker Series featuring Sarah Schaefer of MENTOR Minnesota and the presentation "Improve Your Workplace with Mentoring Programs."

  • Download the presentation and handouts from our April 25, 2023, Speaker Series featuring Catherine Christiansen from NAMI-Minnesota and the presentation "Minding Your Mental Health in the Workplace, COVID-19 and Beyond."

  • Download the presentation and handout from our Jan. 17, 2023, Speaker Series featuring Nancy Lyons and "Work Like a Boss: Go from Apathy to Action at Work."

  • Download the presentation from our Oct. 19, 2022, Speaker Series featuring Rework America Alliance and "Skills Based Practices: What it is and How to Begin."

  • Download the presentation from our June 2, 2022, Speaker Series event featuring Team Dynamics and "Race and Gender Matter at Work."

  • Download the presentation from our March 15, 2022, Speaker Series event featuring Dawn Beck and "How to Build Effective Teams: Three Things Leaders Need to Know."

  • Download the presentation from our Dec. 14, 2021, Speaker Series event featuring Richard Pimentel and "How do we recruit and retain a diverse workforce? The importance of disability inclusion in increasing productivity."

  • Download the presentation from our Sept. 21, 2021, Speaker Series event featuring Amelia Reigstad and "Impactful Communication:  How to Communicate Effectively in the Workplace."

  • Download the presentation from our May 12, 2021, webinar about creating a diverse and inclusive workforce through employment-based training.

  • Download the presentation from our March 17, 2021, Speaker Series event featuring Deon Clark, owner of TCI Solutions.

Please email for further past Speaker Series presentations and resources.


Contact us at 651-284-5355 or with questions or if you'd like the Pipeline team to speak at your event.

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