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Illustrated Field Guide

Illustrated Field Guide to the Minnesota Residential Code

To celebrate the more than 50 years since the first statewide building code became effective (July 1, 1972), the Department of Labor and Industry (DLI), Construction Codes and Licensing Division (CCLD), developed a first of its kind Illustrated Field Guide to the Minnesota Residential Code.

The guide was created to provide useful, clear, accurate and practical code content for use in the field by inspectors, homebuilders, remodelers, deck builders, siders, and roofers, to name a few. The goal was to simplify code compliance, minimize misunderstandings, eliminate common code controversies and create a level playing field for contractors and inspectors. The guide has a compact design, organizational tabs, illustrations and useful code content. 

The guide is available in three formats: 

  • Purchase the guide from the International Code Council (ICC).

    • Print format with spiral binding and high-quality paper for use in the field.

    • PDF download containing links to the full Minnesota Residential code.

  • View the guide online.

Video:  Celebrating over 50 years of building safety

To commemorate the more than 50 years since the statewide building code became effective, DLI commissioned a video to memorialize the past, present and future of the code. The code provides for safe buildings, accessibility for everyone, energy efficiency, resiliency to weather extremes, reduced loss from disasters, consistency in construction and more.

The video provides a glimpse into:

  • What the code was originally supposed to accomplish.

  • Progress the state has made in making buildings safe.

  • What the future looks like with technology.