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The 2015 Minnesota state building codes

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2015 Minnesota Building Code Administration
2015 Minnesota Provisions to the State Building Code
2015 Minnesota Building Code
2015 Minnesota Elevator and Related Devices Code
2015 Minnesota Residential Code (English version)
2015 Minnesota Residential Code (Spanish version)
2015 Minnesota Conservation Code for Existing Buildings
2015 Minnesota Energy Code
2015 Minnesota Accessibility Code
2015 Minnesota Mechanical and Fuel Gas Code
2015 Minnesota Plumbing Code
2015 Minnesota: Understanding Amendments to the State Building Code
Minnesota Electrical Code
Minnesota Solar Energy Systems
Minnesota Floodproofing Regulations
Minnesota Manufactured Home Code
Minnesota Prefabricated Structure Code
Minnesota Industrialized/Modular Building Code
Minnesota Storm Shelters (Manufactured Home Parks)
Minnesota High Pressure Piping Code
2015 Minnesota Fire Code

*The detailed version of each code linked above is available here for your convenience. However, the Office of the Revisor of Statutes publishes the official codes.

 View errata for the ICC versions of the Minnesota State Building Codes here.
(Code books published by the ICC and combines the ICC Codes with Minnesota amendments.)

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