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Other penalties

There are several areas where disciplinary action is handled differently by the department if the disciplinary action is under the jurisdiction of other agencies or other branches of government.

Handling of disciplinary actions

Behavioral or misrepresentation issues (including fraudulent behavior) by the insurance company, self-insured employer or third-party administrator are handled by the Minnesota Department of Commerce.

Improper activities by a qualified rehabilitation consultant (QRC) are handled by the Rehabilitation Review Panel. The result could be review of license or assessment of penalties.

Violation of rules and statutes by a health care provider are handled by the Medical Services Review Board. The result could be warnings, penalties or disqualification from receiving payment for services rendered under the workers' compensation system.

Violation of rules and statutes by managed care organizations are reviewed by the Department of Labor and Industry. The results could be suspension, revocation of license or refusal to certify.

Illegal or improper activities by attorneys are handled by the Lawyers Responsibility Board. The result could be license review and discipline.

Theft by fraud by any party is handled by city or county attorney offices. The result could be prosecution of criminal charges and restitution.

Uninsured employer penalties are handled by the Special Compensation Fund. Per Minnesota Statutes 176.181, the uninsured employer may be assessed a penalty of up to $1,000 per employee per week during the time the employer is not insured.