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Office of Workers' Compensation Ombudsman

The Office of Workers' Compensation Ombudsman is a separate entity within the Department of Labor and Industry. Its purpose is to inform, assist and empower injured workers and small businesses having difficulty navigating the workers' compensation system, to help resolve problems encountered in the system.

The Office of Workers' Compensation Ombudsman also recommends statute or rule changes to improve the effectiveness of the workers' compensation system.

Services for injured workers, small businesses

The ombudsman assists injured workers by:

  • providing information to help them protect their rights and to pursue a claim;

  • contacting claims adjusters and other parties to resolve a dispute;

  • assisting in preparing for settlement negotiations or mediation; and

  • making appropriate referrals to other agencies or entities when further resources are needed.

The ombudsman assists small businesses by:

  • providing information regarding what to do when an employee reports an injury;

  • directing them to appropriate resources for assistance in obtaining and resolving issues regarding workers' compensation insurance; and

  • responding to questions pertaining to employers' responsibilities under Minnesota's workers' compensation law.

Need assistance?

To request assistance from the Office of Workers' Compensation Ombudsman, contact Pam Carlson at: