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  • Claim administrators (self-insured employers, insurers and third-party administrators) must file the First Report of Injury (FROI) electronically.

  • Employers should continue to send paper FROI forms to their insurance company. For serious or fatal work injuries, employers should continue to file paper FROI forms with DLI unless the claim administrator files it on their behalf.

  • Claim administrators must submit an online trading partner profile application and complete testing with DLI before a FROI can be submitted. They can be submitted electronically in one of two ways:

    • via electronic data interchange (EDI); or

    • via the eFROI web portal.

  • The Minnesota Electronic Filing of First Report of Injury Implementation Guide below contains detailed information about EDI and eFROI, the requirements of submission of EDI data and the list of approved EDI vendors.

Minnesota's Electronic Filing of First Report of Injury Implementation Guide

(This guide was last updated April 12, 2017. See what changed.)

View the implementation guide (PDF)

Minnesota IAIABC spreadsheets updated Dec. 20, 2016 (Excel worksheet file) 

  • Send any questions, comments or concerns about EDI/eFROI to If you need a nine-digit personal identification number assigned to an injured worker who does not have a Social Security number, call Cheryl Scherbel, supervisor of Compliance, Records and Training, at 651-284-5135.

  • If you would like updates from DLI about EDI/eFROI, sign up for the trading partners email list.

  • Statutes and rules relating to electronic filing of the FROI can be found on the Office of the Revisor of Statutes website at See Minnesota Statutes 176.231 and 176.285; and Minnesota Rules 5220.25305220.2820 and 5220.2830.

  • International Association of Industrial Accident Boards and Commissions (IAIABC) website:

Minnesota R3.1 Implementation guide, testing information for future Work Comp Campus

In July 2020, DLI's Work Comp Campus will launch, along with adoption of the Release 3.1 Implementation guide. DLI first published the following documents April 1, 2019; some updates were made in the versions below, published Aug. 1, 2019.