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Building officials, limited building officials and accessibility specialists must complete continuing education (CE) hours during their two year renewal period. Renewals may be completed online.

Courses must be approved by DLI before they can be used to renew a certification. View a directory of approved courses.

Non-seminar activities that may qualify for CE credit can be submitted for review

Continuing education requirements

Note: hours can be code courses or non code courses.


Code 1

Non Code

Building official (BO)

  35 hours

Building official limited (LB)

  35 hours

Accessibility specialist (AS)

  9 hours

Course content is broadly defined, but must demonstrate significant intellectual or practical content that deals with matters directly related to building code administration, construction and building inspections including applicable federal and state laws, rules and regulations.

Continuing education hours are accumulated during a certificate period in anticipation of being used to renew a certificate. As such, at the time of renewal, the certificate holder must have completed the required hours over the previous two-year certificate period.

Continuing education requirements are set in Minnesota Statutes 326B.133.