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Program description

The Building Official Limited and Accessibility Specialist Program is an introductory training course designed to provide exposure to the fundamental concepts and subject matter necessary to begin a career either as a municipal building official limited or accessibility specialist. Participation in the course is mandatory prior to taking the respective exam to become a certified building official limited or certified accessibility specialist. However, participation is waived if an individual possesses a Building Inspection Technology Certificate. 

Building official limited

The Building Official Limited Course is a five-day class. Content includes hands-on exercises reviewing plans and code documentation relating to practical application of the Minnesota State Building Code. This course includes the one-day Accessibility Specialist Training. Topics include:

Individuals seeking this certification must first demonstrate a minimum level of competency by way of formal education, certification or career experience in one or more topics related to building code administration, building construction, design, architecture, engineering or closely related as set forth in Minnesota Rules 1301.0300. A minimum of 30 points must be obtained prior to taking the building official limited exam. Upon passing the exam, 20 points will be awarded. One who wishes to further their certification may use these points in conjunction with others earned toward obtaining 100 points to qualify for the full building official certification exam.  

Accessibility Specialist

The Accessibility Specialist Training is a one-day class focusing on the scoping and technical criteria of the Minnesota Accessibility Code and its application to commercial building plan review. Those who desire to specialize in accessibility may choose this certification without completing the broader Building Official Limited Course. Topics include:

After completing the one-day Accessibility Specialist Training, an individual is qualified to register for the certified accessibility specialist exam.

Course participants possess various levels of code and construction experience. Therefore, prior familiarization with the code books and subject matter will enhance what participants will learn from the program. Course content includes topics contained in each of the exams, but the focus and intent of the program is not exam preparation. Subsequent review and study of the course material is essential to maximize success on the exams.

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