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Unpaid wages? Wage theft is against the law.
Minimum wage rates apply to all hours worked, whether full-time or part-time. Employers cannot credit tips toward the payment of the minimum wage. View a fact sheet here.

Most forms of required tip sharing are against the law in Minnesota.

  • Tips being withheld or not paid out?

  • Tips deducted from hourly pay?

  • Mandatory tip sharing or pooling?

Tips are the property of the employee directly serving the customer. Employers cannot require employees to share or pool their tips with other employees, except under certain limited service situations.

Employers may:

  • report the amount of tips received for tax withholding purposes; and 

  • upon request of employees, safeguard gratuities to be distributed according to a bona fide agreement to pool wages.

See Minnesota Statutes 177.24, subd. 3, and Minnesota Rules 5200.0080.

It is your right to get paid correctly. Free help for filing a wage claim.
For free help filing a wage claim, contact us at or 651-284-5075.

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