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Every municipality must designate a building official to administer the State Building Code. A municipality may designate no more than one building official responsible for code administration defined by each certification category created by statue or rule. Two or more municipalities may partner to designate a building official for administering the provisions of the code within their communities. 
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Certified building official  A person with this certification may serve as the designated building official for any municipality. The certification is considered a master license.
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Industrialized or modular buildings are structures manufactured at a location other than the permanent site of occupancy. They include, but are not limited to: modular buildings that are factory-built single-family and multi-family housing and non-residential structures such as detached classrooms and communications and power equipment buildings.
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Program description NOTE:  The Oct. 26-30, 2020, program will be hosted virtually via WebEx.
The following links are a written explanation or interpretation of a building code provision by the State Building Official. They are shared to provide guidance about code provisions that have shown to be particularly troublesome or that have broad impact on a particular construction feature. However, they aren't  binding. 2016-01 Use and Identification of Toilet Rooms Code Adoption
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Building officials, limited building officials and accessibility specialists must complete continuing education (CE) hours during their two year renewal period. Renewals may be completed online. Courses must be approved by DLI before they can be used to renew a certification. View a directory of approved courses.
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Apply for building plan review online or by submitting a paper application below. Online application for plan review Building, mechanical, sprinkler and fire alarm plan review Municipal plan review (building officials only)
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Construction of prefabricated buildings, which is governed by the Minnesota State Building Code, are those structures that are intended for use as one- or two-family dwellings or accessory buildings of  "closed construction." Closed construction means they are built so that concealed parts or processes of manufacture can't be inspected at the site without disassembly.
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