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Minnesota OSHA (MNOSHA) Compliance requires employers to document abatement of each alleged hazard that was not immediately corrected at the time of the inspection.

A Mandatory Progress Report form is included with the citation.

Reports must state the specific corrective action taken on each cited item and the date the action was completed. Further documentation, such as photos or invoices and receipts, is required for high-gravity serious citations. Additional written progress reports must be submitted every 30 days until all items are fully abated.

Progress reports may be submitted by mail, by email (to or by fax. If a progress report is filed by fax, the original signed document must be submitted to MNOSHA within five days. 

Affected employees and their representatives must be notified of the abatement and of their right to examine and copy all abatement documents.

The progress report must remain posted for 15 days or until the hazard is abated.

If required progress reports are not submitted, the employer may be subject to an additional citation, penalty and followup inspection.