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File a wage claim

Employees terminated, discharged or fired are due all wages and commissions with 24 hours of a written demand for payment to the employer.

Employees who voluntarily leave employment (quit), are terminated, discharged or fired, but do not make a written demand, are due all wages and commissions on the next regularly scheduled payday. If the payday is within five days of the last day of work, the employer may have up to 20 days to make final payment.

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How to make a demand for your final wages

You can take the following steps to obtain your final wages. 

  1. Write and deliver a letter to your former employer demanding your wages. The Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry (DLI) has prepared a sample letter for those who have quit a job (Español) and for those who have been terminated from a job (Español). You may want to use certified mail so you know when the employer received your letter.

  2. If your employer does not pay you after receiving your letter, contact the Labor Standards Division to file a wage claim. The following information will be requested:
    – the employer's name, address, telephone number and the manager or owner's name;
    – the date of your last day of work;
    – the date you demanded your final wages; and
    – the amount you are due in final wages.

  3. Employees also have the option of filing a claim in court if the employer does not pay final wages as required under Minnesota law.

    – By filing a claim in court, an employee may also recover one day of average wages for each day the employer is late in paying (up to 15 days).

For more information or to file a wage claim

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