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A holder of a boat master license may operate any vessel navigating inland waters of the state of Minnesota that is propelled by machinery or sails and is carrying more than six passengers for hire. View requirements for operating boats for hire.

Requirements and qualifications

  • At least 15 hours of supervised training experience operating a boat for hire.

  • Affidavit signed by the licensed boat master who supervised the applicant's training experience.

  • Applicant must be at least 18 years old.

  • Application must be signed.

  • Must pass license examination with a score of at least 70 percent.

License fees

Length of license

Two years, expiring in the biennial anniversary month after the license was originally issued.

Application process

All required applicant information must be provided for the application to be processed, including affidavits of training experience. Affidavits must be signed and notarized. The applicant is notified by mail to schedule an exam date online.


Individuals holding a valid, current charter boat captain's license issued by the United States Coast Guard are considered licensed to carry passengers for hire in Minnesota and not required to obtain this license.


  • Exam is 40 questions (closed book)

  • Exam covers operation, maintenance inspection, and operator licensing of boats carrying passengers for hire.

  • Exam results are mailed to applicant after the completed exam is scored.


Continuing education

No continuing education hours are required


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