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How do I submit plans electronically using ePlans?

Visit our the ePlans -- electronic plan review page for more information about submitting plans. Hard-copy, half-sized sets are required to obtain building permits.

What types of buildings require plan review from our agency?  

We review building plans for public buildings and state-licensed facilities (Minnesota Statute 326B.103).

What are places of public accommodation?

Buildings with public assembly spaces designed for 100 or more occupants in areas where there is no local code enforcement. View a fact sheet about places of public accommodation.

Where do I start?

First, submit an Application for Plan Review.

Applicants will receive a jurisdiction agreement letter that will indicate one of the following: plan review and inspection by us (100% plan review fee), plan review by us and inspection by local municipality (75% plan review fee), or; plan review and inspection by the local municipality.

Second, you may opt to schedule a preliminary code review meeting one of our agency's plan reviewers. This allows us to provide feedback for major code compliance matters while the project is still in the design and development stage.

What should be submitted for a plan review?

The three basic components that must be included for all applications for plan review are:

The completed construction documents must include, as applicable:

What happens if documents are missing?

Your partial application will be set aside as incomplete and you will be notified about the missing documents. If the materials are not received within 30 days, your application is discarded. This applies to both electronic and paper applications.

What happens after a complete application is submitted?

Plans are reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis. The exceptions are for secondary review of repetitive building plans and reroofing or similar small projects. 

Our review includes an examination for major features of the State Building Code. This includes elements of codes and laws that regulate general health and safety, fire-protection, structural systems, energy conservation, accessibility and mechanical systems.

Once completed, we'll provide a report that includes any deficiencies or questions that must be addressed for the plan to be approved for construction. Be aware that all required revisions to the documents must be contractually binding such as through addenda or change order. Correspondence explaining how deficiencies have been or will be corrected do not substantiate code compliance. Contact your plan reviewer for assistance.

Although re-submission typically receives priority, it can take a few days  to complete the review. Once all items have been addressed, you will receive correspondence signifying "plan review complete" and that the plans are approved for construction pending issuance of a building permit. Apply for a building permit here.

A half-sized set of the final approved drawings is required before a building permit is issued.

Is it possible to receive approval to begin foundation work?

We don't normally review separate "bid-packs," including those for foundations alone. Doing so would slow down the process for other projects awaiting review. Only the plan review supervisor may authorize a partial review upon submission of an Application for Plan Review and a meeting to clarify the limitations that will be placed on the building permit.

What happens after we receive and approve the submitter's response to the plan review report (including contractually binding revisions)?

You will receive correspondence indicating that the plan review is complete. A copy of the letter and marked construction documents along with a half-sized set of final approved drawings will be mailed either to our Regional Code Representatives or to the local building official, based on jurisdiction agreement. Work may not begin until a building permit(s) is obtained from the inspecting jurisdiction. 

What should be submitted for a building permit?

If inspection is by local municipality, building permit(s) should be obtained from the local municipality. If we're providing the inspection, the components that must be included for building permit(s) are:

Mechanical and sprinkler permit fees and surcharges are in addition to building permit fee and surcharge.