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What are public buildings?

A public building is a:

  • school district building project or charter school building project where the cost of the project is $100,000 or more; and a

  • building and its grounds where the cost is paid by the state or a state agency regardless of its cost.

School district or charter school building projects considered state building projects include:

  • educational buildings

  • administration buildings

  • bus garages

  • stadiums

  • swimming pools

  • bleachers

  • field houses and domes

  • utility garages and sheds

Building projects paid for by state entities or constructed on state-owned lands considered state building projects include:

  • state colleges or state vocational school buildings (Minnesota State Colleges and Universities [MNSCU] projects); and

  • buildings or facilities owned, built, or paid for by any state agency (for example the Minnesota Department of Transportation, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Minnesota Department of Corrections, Minnesota Department of Health and the State Capitol Complex).

What are state-licensed facilities?

A state-licensed facility is a building and its grounds licensed by the state as a:

  • hospital,

  • nursing home,

  • supervised living facility,

  • free-standing outpatient surgical center,

  • correctional facility,

  • boarding care home,

  • residential hospice, or

  • assisted living facility and assisted living with dementia care.

Additional resources

The following reference materials may help determine whether a building project slated for construction in your municipality is a state building project.