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Individuals wishing to offer continuing education as a course sponsor must complete an application, obtain approval of course materials and submit a registration fee.

Designate on your application the industries for which you intent to offer courses. They include: building official licensing, electrical licensing, manufactured home installer licensing and residential contractor licensing. You may indicate one industry, or up to all four, on the same application. If adding an industry, submit a completed application form with the updated designations (no fee is required).

 Sponsor training presentation

Applications and forms

Submit course attendance online

Submit course sessions online

A sponsor's failure to comply with statutory requirements may result in loss of sponsor approval for up to two years (Minnesota Statute 326B.082).

Responsibilities of sponsors Prohibited practices by sponsors
  • Ensuring compliance with all laws and rules relating to continuing educational offerings.

  • Ensuring students are provided with current and accurate information.

  • Supervising and evaluating courses and instructors.

  • Ensuring instructors are qualified to teach the course offering.

  • Furnishing us, upon request, with copies of course and instructor evaluations, and qualifications of instructors.

  • Investigating complaints related to course offerings or instructors.

  • Maintaining accurate records relating to course offerings, instructors, tests taken by students if required and student attendance for a period of three years from the date on which the course was completed.

  • Attending required workshops or instructional programs.

  • Providing course completion certificates within ten days of, but NOT BEFORE, completion of the entire course.  Course completion certificates must be completed in their entirety.

  • Notifying us in writing within ten days of any change in the information in an application for approval on file with the commissioner.

  • Recommend, promote, or disparage the specific services, products, processes, procedures or practices of a particular business or entity in the regulated industry.

  • Encourage or recruit individuals to engage the services of, or become associated with, a particular business.

  • Use materials for the sole purpose of promoting a particular business.

  • Require students to participate in other programs or services offered by the instructor or sponsor.

  • Attempt, either directly or indirectly, to discover questions or answers on an examination for a license.

  • Disseminate to any other person specific questions, problems, or information known or believed to be included in licensing examinations.

  • Misrepresent any information submitted to us.

  • Fail to cover, or ensure coverage of, all points, issues and concepts contained in the approved course outline during instruction.

  • Issue inaccurate course completion certificates.

NOTE: Sponsors must notify us within ten days of a felony or gross misdemeanor conviction or of disciplinary action taken against an occupational or professional license held by the sponsor or an instructor teaching an approved course. The conviction or disciplinary action is grounds for cancellation of approval for the sponsor and would disallow the use of the sponsor or instructor.


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