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Minnesota Dual-Training Pipeline is excited to add legal cannabis as a new dual-training industry in 2023.

Worker pruning cannabis plants

While we still have a lot to learn about how full implementation of legalization of cannabis will impact Minnesota’s workforce, we can assume that it will have substantial demand for workers. According to a report by the national organization Leafly, and cited in Forbes Magazine, over 428,000 individuals nationwide worked in the legal cannabis industry as of January 2022. Michigan, another state in the Midwest, had a little over 31,000 jobs in the legal cannabis industry in 2021. Minnesota stands to see a significant need for workers in this new industry and dual training is an approach to help meet those workforce needs.


Our team is here to help legal cannabis industry employers meet their workforce needs through dual training. We look forward to working with employers to help identify the occupations needed in this industry and to help us develop competency models for training. If you are interested in helping our team add new occupations and create earn-and-learn dual training in the legal cannabis industry, contact us at