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All employers with more than 25 employees are required to establish a joint labor-management safety and health committee for their workplace (see Minnesota Statutes 182.676).

Effective July 1, 2023, every public or private employer of 25 or fewer employees is required to establish and administer a safety committee if it is subject to the requirement of Minn. Stat. 182.653, subdivision 8 (AWAIR). See 2023 Minnesota legislative changes (lines 106.14 to 106.24). See also, Minnesota Rules 5208.1500, Standard industrial classification list for AWAIR.

WSC can help

Upon employer request, Minnesota OSHA Workplace Safety Consultation (WSC) can provide assistance to help employers develop an effective safety committee and to help maintain the effectiveness of an existing safety committee. Available services include interpretation of OSHA standards, training in self-inspection techniques, help in preparing and/or presenting specific training and education programs, accident investigation, and safety and health management. Through this assistance, management and labor employees can work together to reduce the frequency and severity of workplace injuries and illnesses.

More information

Workplace Safety Consultation oversees a number of programs designed to help employers maintain safe and healthful workplaces. Contact WSC to request more information at, 651-284-5060 or 800-657-3776.