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Minnesota OSHA’s goal is to have employer address and correct any worksite safety or health hazards, not to just issue penalties.

Employer credits

A penalty for a violation may be credited by as much as 95 percent, depending on the:

  • employer’s good faith (up to 30 percent credit for demonstrated efforts to provide a safe workplace),

  • size of business (up to 55 percent) and

  • previous violation history (up to 10 percent).

Penalty reductions

If an employer contests a penalty, Minnesota OSHA Compliance may reduce a penalty based on an employer’s:

  • new information that supports the reduction or removal of penalty, 

  • commitment to spend money on training or safety equipment, or

  • agreement to fix the hazard or submits a progress report that all the hazards have been corrected or needed safety or health equipment has been purchased.

75/25 Program

OSHA provides employers a significant penalty reduction if an employer is able to reduce its workers' compensation claims rates as part of its 75/25 program.