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Who should we call for inspections?

Plumbing inspection

The plumbing contractor must notify the proper administrative authority and the owner or the owner's authorized agent. See Minnesota Rules part 1300.0215, subpart 2; and 4714.203. Locate the proper administrative authority in our local inspector lookup.

Where should we call for inspections?

Contact us for inspections for the following projects:

  • All new plumbing installations for public, commercial and industrial facilities located in areas where the building code has not been adopted by local ordinance.

  • Hospitals, nursing homes, supervised living facilities, free-standing outpatient surgical centers, correctional facilities, boarding care homes, or residential hospices, and similar state-licensed facilities; 

  • Public buildings which are paid for by the state or a state agency regardless of cost, and school district building projects or charter school building projects regardless of cost; and

  • Projects of a special nature, including dialysis facilities and other projects for which a department plan review is requested by either the municipality or the state.

In addition, our agency is the administrative authority and performs required inspections of public buildings, including commercial, industrial and licensed facilities, in areas that have not adopted the State Building Code. Contact regional plumbing inspectors

Is the local jurisdiction required to make those inspections if DLI cannot do so?

In areas that have adopted the building and plumbing codes the proper administrative authority must ensure compliance with all the requirements of the code (Minnesota Rules part 1300.0215, subpart 1).

What are the license requirements for individuals and companies performing plumbing work in Minnesota?

View information about plumbing licensing

Pipelayer's card: Individuals certified through pipelayer training about Minnesota Plumbing Code requirements, by one of the following organizations, are not required to have a plumber license for installation and repair of water service, sanitary sewer, or storm sewer work outside of buildings:

  • Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC),

  • Laborers-Employers Cooperation and Education Trust (LECET),

  • Minnesota Utility Contractors Association (MUCA),

  • and the Minnesota Extension Service.