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Applications and forms

Who needs a manufactured home installer license?

Anyone who installs or repairs manufactured homes must be licensed. 

We oversee the licensing of manufactured home installers. They are subject to all provisions of the residential building contractor and remodeler licensing law. 

Only companies must obtain a license (in the case of an individual proprietorship, the proprietorship is licensed). 

However, each company must designate one individual who will serve as a "qualifying person," regardless of whether it is an individual proprietorship, partnership or corporation. The qualifying person must pass the examination designed specifically for manufactured home installers.

Who is the qualifying person?

  • For a sole proprietorship, the qualifying person must be the proprietor (owner) or a managing employee.

  • For a partnership, the qualifying person must be a general partner or managing employee.

  • For a corporation, the qualifying person must be a chief executive officer or managing employee. If the qualifying person is a managing employee, they must be an employee who is regularly works for the licensee and is actively engaged in the business of manufactured home installation on behalf of the licensee.

Note: A manufactured home installer license only allows a person to install or repair a manufactured home. An installer who also installs or repairs prefabricated dwellings may be required to obtain both a residential building contractor or remodeler license and a manufactured home installer license.

Exemptions from licensing

The following are exempt from the licensing requirements:

  • Employees of a licensed manufactured home installer;

  • A dealer or distributor who does not install or repair manufactured homes; and

  • Owners doing work on their own property.

All manufactured home installers must be licensed regardless of their gross annual receipts.


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