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Continuing education requirements for manufactured home installers are:

  • Licensed manufactured home installer's qualifying person (QI) is responsible for completing the continuing education hours.

  • 12 hours of appropriate and related knowledge in manufactured home construction, installation, and inspection - including federal and state laws, rules, and regulations.

  • A minimum of four hours must consist of training in the following areas:

    • HUD manufactured housing program;

    • Manufactured home installation standards and regulations established in 24 CFR 3285 and 3286, and applicable state laws and rules;

    • Construction and safety standards and regulations found in 24 CFR 3280 and 3282;

    • Licensing requirements;

    • Installer responsibilities for correcting improper installation, including obligations under the applicable state and HUD manufactured housing dispute resolution programs;

    • Inspection requirements and procedures;

    • Problem reporting mechanisms;

    • Operational checks and adjustments; and

    • Penalties under federal and state laws, rules, and regulations

  • Continuing education hours may be completed at any time during the three-year period.


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