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Note: The Department of Labor and Industry used the first printing of each of the 2012 ICC Codes to develop the rules. The ICC errata (i.e. corrections and changes) apply to all of the 2015 Minnesota ICC Codes. 

There are also Minnesota errata that apply to the 2015 Minnesota ICC Codes (see below).


Subject matter 2015 Minnesota ICC Code (Minnesota errata) 2012 ICC Code (ICC Errata*)
Building Code View ICC Errata
Residential Code View ICC Errata
Mechanical/Fuel Gas Code

Combination Errata from ICC for Minnesota ICC Mechanical/Fuel Gas Code Book


Fuel Gas

View ICC Errata








View ICC Errata

Residential Energy Code N/A View ICC Errata
Energy Code
with ANSI/ASHRAE/IES Standard 90.1-2010

View ICC Errata

View ASHRAE Errata

Accessibility Code View ICC Errata
Existing Building Code N/A View ICC Errata

* If any ICC errata conflict with a section in the 2015 Minnesota ICC Code, the ICC errata for that section does not apply.