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Applicants may obtain a Minnesota journeyworker plumber or master plumber license without examination if they obtained their journeyworker plumber license or master plumber license by examination in any of the following states:

  • North Dakota

  • South Dakota

Reciprocity forms

To apply for a reciprocity license, complete the Reciprocity Application and then apply here

Requirements for reciprocity

  • The applicant must not have failed the same or greater class of license examination in Minnesota.

  • The applicant must have obtained the same or greater class of license in the first state by examination at the state level (the license must not have been obtained through a reciprocal agreement with a city or other political subdivision).

  • The applicant must have held the license for at least one year in the qualifying state.

  • The applicant's license must be current and in good standing in the qualifying state.

  • The applicant must not be under any order to deny, suspend, or revoke any class of a plumber license in Minnesota.

  • The applicant must submit an application and examination fee of $50 with the application.

  • Upon approval, the applicant has 180 days to submit the required license fee to be issued.

  • Upon obtaining the license, the applicant (licensee) must meet all continuing education and renewal requirements to maintain the license.

  • Minnesota plumber license holders that have not renewed their license prior to two years after expiration do not qualify to acquire the same class of license through the reciprocal agreements and must retake and pass the license examination to acquire the license.


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