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Note:  Electrical Remote Virtual Inspections are currently only available for electrical contractors for the following permit types, inspection types and in the following areas:

Permit type:

  • existing dwellings (one, two or multifamily)

  • non-dwelling

  • utility load management device

Inspection type:

  • load management controllers

  • equipment inspections (such as air conditioner, furnace or other utilization equipment)

  • registered employer work

  • rough-in inspections with a three-circuit maximum

  • re-inspections

  • other, single circuit, final inspections for items such as washer, dryer, electrical vehicle charger, microwave and more. This may also include inspections such as trench, temporary services and concrete-encased electrode bond connections inspections.

Counties and regions:

Electrical Remote Virtual Inspections are available in Districts 7 and 10 only. Please refer to the electrical area representatives map for district boundaries.

Step 1: Are you eligible for an Electrical Remote Virtual Inspection? 

You must be a Minnesota-licensed electrical contractor.

  • Have you obtained the electrical work permit for the project you are scheduling a request to have inspected? 

  • Is the project located within a designated virtual inspection area and an approved inspection type? See lists above.

  • The on-site electrician must be a licensed journeyworker or master to perform a virtual inspection. (No unlicensed registered electricians.)

  • The on-site electrician must have the free Microsoft Teams app on their mobile device. (Download: Apple Store | Google Play Store).

  • The inspections should take 15 minutes or less, assuming the electrical work is complete, and the proper credentials provided.

  • The inspection area must have 5G, 4G, LTE or Wi-Fi connectivity for your mobile device. Teams will not work well enough for inspection purposes without it.

Step 2: Set up Teams and prepare your mobile device

Download the free Microsoft Teams App (Apple Store | Google Play Store).

Check the inspection area to make sure your smartphone has 5G, 4G, LTE or Wi-Fi connectivity. Other considerations to keep in mind when using a smartphone and Teams for an inspection:

  •  Make sure your phone is fully charged.

  • Turn your phone volume up.

  • Turn off phone notifications that may interrupt Teams. Notifications can freeze video calls and cause disconnects.

  • Use ear buds equipped with a microphone for better communication.

  • Audio quality is better if nearby power tools and other equipment are off.

The virtual electrical inspection process is integrated within the existing iMS permitting platform used to request electrical permits. If a permit is eligible for virtual inspections, you will be invited to schedule the inspections in iMS.

On-site, licensed electricians can schedule a virtual inspection while still on-site and as little as 15 minutes prior to the requested time. The only requirement is that the licensed individual have a user account in iMS. This is a onetime registration that can be done any time prior to scheduling a virtual inspection. 

View instructions about how to set up a user account in iMS.

Step 3: Preparing for a virtual electrical inspection

  • Assess the jobsite for a safe virtual inspection and be sure there is adequate lighting.

  • Have your electrical license and necessary hand tools available. For example, you may need to carry a tape measure, flashlight, various hand tools and/or ladder.

  • Have the entire scope of inspection visible including listed equipment labels and all covers removed.

  • Be ready to join a Teams video call at the scheduled time.

  • If you do not hear from us within five minutes of your appointment start time, contact the virtual inspector identified in your Teams meeting request. 

In general, during your virtual electrical inspection, the inspector will:

  • Make sure of a good Teams connection.

  • Ask for the permit number and description of the work.

  • Give a safety reminder.

  • Ask to see the electrical license, and confirmation of the location.

  • Give directions to inspect the work.

  • Provide the results of the inspection.

Step 4: Scheduling a virtual electrical inspection

To schedule a virtual electrical inspection:

  • On your mobile device, go to the iMS website at

  • Enter your permit number in the “Go to” box and hit enter.

IMS screenshot
  • Once you have located the permit, go to the “Inspections” tile and click the schedule icon.

    IMS screenshot
  • This will take you to a scheduling calendar that will show all available time slots. Choose the time slot you need, add your contact information and hit the green “Schedule” button.

    IMS screenshot
  • A follow-up Teams meeting request will be sent to complete your virtual inspection.

Have the following information available:

On-site contact information:

  • On-site electrician email address and phone number for sending the Teams meeting request and for follow up if connections are interrupted.

Inspection details:

  • electrical permit number

  • type of project being inspected

  • project name

Schedule an inspection

If you haven't been informed by email that you are eligible for a virtual inspection, but feel you meet the virtual inspection requirements shown above and would like to schedule a virtual inspection, contact your local inspector or

  • Schedule your inspection at least 15 minutes before the desired appointment.

  • Your virtual inspection appointment is your inspection request. If you cancel your appointment, an inspection request will not be entered on your behalf. 

  • Do not schedule a virtual inspection if you have submitted a request for a normal field inspection for the same day.

  • Cancel an existing appointment at least one hour before the requested time by going to the iMS website, finding the permit and clicking the reschedule icon in the "Inspections" tile.

    IMS screenshot


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