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This page includes instructions for common activities in iMS - our online system for managing licenses applications and renewals and applications for plan review and permits.

Accessing iMS

User access
User access requires you to create an account in iMS using an email address and password. Benefits of creating an account include:

  • Ensures automated messages like license-renewal reminders are received.

  • Monitor submitted applications.

  • Contractors can elevate their account to “Pro” access to pull permits.

  • Large contractors can submit multiple applications and renewals at once with a single payment using our batch application process.

To create a user account:
Visit iMS and select "Register as a New User" to create an account. You'll receive a verification email to complete the validation process. If you don't receive the email within 15 minutes, check your spam/junk folder. The verification link is valid until midnight the day of registration. If you do not validate your account by midnight, you will need to re-register your email address.

Guest access
Guest access allows an application to proceed without creating an account. Those that apply or renew as a guest will not be able to review their application after it has been submitted. 

Visit iMS and select "Continue as Guest" (found in the lower left corner of screen). 

General activities

License and registration lookup

Quick search
Find a license record using the "Quick Search" field in the upper left-hand corner of the iMS home screen. The field shows "Goto Record #." Enter a full license or registration number in the field to search. License and registration numbers start with two characters and are followed by six digits.

Search license and registration holders
If you do not know the full license registration number, or want to verify an individual's or company's license status, you may use the iMS search function.

  • In the License and Registration tile, select “Search Licenses & Registrations.” 

  • Use the drop-down to select the search criteria. Select multiple search criteria with the green “add” icon (+).

View more information about the iMS search function.

Applications and renewals

New registration, exam or business application

Login with a user account or continue as a guest to access applications for new registrations, exams or business applications. New business license applications must include required forms. View more information about how to apply for a new license or registration.


License and registration renewal is available 60 days prior to the expiration date. To renew a license or registration, visit iMS and login with your account information or continue as a guest (found in the lower left corner).

You will receive an email notifying you when eligible to renew your license or registration. The email includes a link to your license/registration record in iMS. In addition to the email, you may also receive a reminder postcard from the department.

View more information about how to renew a license or registration.

Personal registrations and licenses

Check continuing education

Search for the license or registration record (see License and registration lookup instructions above) to view check continuing education completion. How to run the Continuing Education Status Report.

Work experience

Search for the license or registration record (see License and registration lookup instructions above) to view work experience. How to run the Work Experience History Report.


Exam applicants will receive an email once their application is approved. Follow the instructions in the email to schedule the exam in iMS. View more exam scheduling information.

Business licenses

Upload application and renewal documents

When applying or renewing, you are prompted to upload corresponding application documents. Options to upload include “Separate Files” or “Single File.”

  • If separate is selected, you will be prompted to upload each required document. The upload screen includes instructions and a link to the relevant form if you do not have it. 

  • Single file lets you upload a single PDF of all required documents if they have been scanned together. 

If you are unable to upload forms during the application process or have additional forms to include after submitting your application or renewal, email them to

Communication from iMS

Business licenses will receive reminders about important events related to their license including:

  • Expiration notices prior to the expiration of general liability, workers compensation and bond insurance policies. Updated policies can be emailed to

  • Notice of expiration of responsible individual or qualifying person. This notice will also include if the responsible individual or qualifying person has not yet met their continuing education requirements.