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Lift platform enables loading mainframe onto a conveyor

Moving a computer mainframe onto a roller conveyor was not possible in the past and required two employees to package at the floor level by pushing a mainframe along a ramp and onto a pallet. A better method was devised that eliminates the need to push the mainframe up a ramped surface. Instead, mainframes were moved across the (horizontal) floor and onto a lift platform, which allows them to be packaged on the conveyor line with other products. The platform was recessed in the existing floor and was designed to lift mainframes up to the same level as the conveyor allowing for easier transfer to the conveyor. The device was manufactured in-house.

Lift platform for loading mainframe
Lift platform for loading mainframe

The new method lowered the force requirements for pushing mainframes up to the packing pallet.

Lift platform was custom designed

The platform was custom designed to fit the shape of the mainframes.

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