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Manufacturing industry

Conveyor system eliminates need for manual material handling

A manufacturer of stand-assist devices installed a gravity roller-conveyor system to transport product from the assembly department to the shipping area.

Prior to the installation of the conveyor, material was manually transferred across the facility from assembly to shipping. Forklifts were later used to transport material, but, because of facility size constraints, forklifts were not considered a safe and efficient option.

With the conveyor system, product can easily be transported across the facility, eliminating forklift traffic within the production areas of the facility. The system has also reduced the manual material-handling requirements for employees.

The conveyor system has eliminated the associated risk of accidents and property damage caused by forklift use in a confined area. It has helped minimize injuries associated with manual material handling and has reduced the amount of time employees spend transporting product through the facility, improving work efficiency. Now product is set on the conveyor and it is automatically transported to shipping without further employee assistance.

Roller-conveyor system
A gravity roller-conveyor system transports product from assembly to shipping at a stand-assist devices manufacturer, eliminating forklift use in a confined area.

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