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Skills-based practices:  An approach to hiring and retaining employees that “focuses on the specific skills needed to succeed in a job, embeds that focus throughout the employee lifecycle (and) recognizes that there are many ways to acquire knowledge and abilities.”  

Resources for implementing skills-based practices

  • View the presentation from Pipeline speaker series event: Skills-based practices – what it is and how to begin, with Jacob Vigil and David Cardoza-Rodriguez of the Rework America Alliance.

  • Markle Employer Toolkit. This site offers tools to introduce employers to skills-based hiring strategies.

  • The Skillful Job Posting Generator is a way to help you create a skills-based job posting. Simply type in a job title and it will generate a skills-based job posting for the role.

  • We invite you to sign up for the Skillful Talent Series that offers remote training for HR professionals and hiring managers through a set of self-guided modules. From the Markle Foundation: “The Skillful Talent Series focuses on the key pillars of skills-based hiring:  recruiting, hiring, onboarding and training and advancement.” 

    To access this training create an account and sign up for the training. Click on “create new account” and use the code EMNPIPE to gain access.

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