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Note:  Deadlines have been extended 90 days for licenses that expire in April, May, June and July 2020. The deadline for licenses that expired in March has been extended to July 31, 2020.

License renewals must still be submitted prior to the current expiration date. Late fees will apply to renewals submitted after the expiration date.

Renewal fees

For completed license renewals received by March 31, 2020, renewal fees are:

  • If gross annual receipts are less than $1 million, the renewal fee is $445.

  • If gross annual receipts are between $1 million and $5 million, the renewal fee is $545.

  • If gross annual receipts are more than $5 million, the renewal fee is $645.

  • $60 late fee is added when a completed renewal is not received by the license expiration date.

  • A completed license renewal submitted by March 1 is automatically deemed to be a timely renewal.

  • We cannot guarantee that renewals submitted after March 1 will be processed prior to the expiration date, and a license cannot be considered to be renewed until it is completely processed and approved.

  • Submit renewals as early as possible to avoid delays and a possible lapse in licensure. After March 31, municipalities cannot issue building permits to contractors whose license renewals have not been processed and approved.

Online renewal

Paper renewal

  • License renewals can be submitted by mail or in person.

  • Mailed or delivered renewals must include all of the in the renewal packet.

Secretary of State filing

  • To renew your license, your corporate, LLC or assumed name filing with the Minnesota Secretary of State must be up-to-date.

  • Your license cannot be renewed if your Secretary of State filing is inactive or expired.

  • Check the status of your Secretary of State filing and update it if necessary.

  • On all renewal forms, especially your bond and insurance certificates, your business name must appear EXACTLY as it is filed with the Secretary of State

  • If you have changed your business structure (i.e., going from a sole proprietorship to an LLC or corporation, or from a corporation to an LLC), you will need to apply for a new license for your new business entity as well as file the new entity with the Secretary of State.

Continuing education

  • Each licensed contractor has an individual who acts as the qualifying person for the company’s license who is assigned a registration number that starts with the letter Q (Q number).

  • Qualifying persons must complete 14 hours of approved continuing education to renew their registration every two years.

  • Q numbers can be found on our license lookup.

  • The qualifying person's registration must be renewed every two years.

  • Note:  The expiration date of the qualifying person's registration may be different than  the company’s license expiration date.


  • Contact us at 651-284-5034 or

  • Note:  We do not accept cash as payment for licenses, inspections, copy requests and other services. Accepted methods of payment include checks, money orders and electronic payments that can be made through our web site.