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The 75/25 program was established to create a link between workers' compensation claims rates and Minnesota OSHA Compliance penalties. It is a penalty-reduction incentive program available to qualified employers. An employer is provided a significant penalty reduction if it is able to reduce its workers' compensation claims rates.

This program recognizes companies where managers and employees work together to develop safety and health management systems that result in immediate and long-term prevention of job-related injuries and illnesses. Key elements of this program include:  methods to address safety issues; systems that identify and control workplace hazards; and a plan for employee safety training and education.

Highlights of the 75/25 program

  • The current inspection must not involve an accident and the violations must not be classified as willful, repeat or failure to abate.

  • The original penalties issued totaled $10,000 or more.

  • The employer agrees to pay 25 percent of the settled penalty amount when the citations become a final order.

  • The employer agrees to implement an accident and injury reduction program and form a safety committee if these do not already exist.

  • The employer will have appropriate management personnel attend an agreed upon safety seminar.

  • The employer agrees to reduce workers' compensation claims rate by 25 percent during the 12-month period following the settlement agreement's final order date.

  • The employer agrees to provide Minnesota OSHA with information listing all workers? compensation claims filed by the employer for injuries/illnesses occurring during the previous 12-month period and the following 12-month period.