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Residential contractors who perform roofing work must be licensed. They can be licensed as a residential roofer, residential building contractor or residential remodeler. Roofing subcontractors do not need a license but must register through the Contractor Registration Program.

Roofing contractors who wish to install gutters, downspouts, or soffit and fascia must get a residential building contractor or remodeler license instead. The only difference between these two license types is that a remodeler can only work on existing homes while a residential building contractor can work on existing homes as well as new construction.

Forms and resources

Contractors whose annual gross receipts from their residential contracting or remodeling activities are less than $15,000 are exempt from license requirements. Gross receipts are the total amount earned from residential contracting or remodeling but not reduced by cost of goods sold, expenses, losses or any other amount. Any person claiming the gross receipts exemption must obtain a Certificate of Exemption each year.


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