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On May 24, 2023, Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz signed into law a requirement that the Minnesota State Building Code include provisions for adult changing facilities in new building construction. The Department of Labor and Industry’s Construction Codes and Licensing Division will begin expedited rulemaking that adds new requirements into the Minnesota Accessibility Code, using the 2024 IBC model code scoping language and the proposed 2023 A117.1 Accessibility Standard (draft language was unanimously approved in 2023 by the ANSI A117.1 Committee for the next edition of the A117.1 Standard) as the basis for Minnesota’s language. The new Minnesota requirements become enforceable in the fall.

Minnesota evaluates and develops codes through the work of a Construction Codes Advisory Council. This involves its vetting of model codes and developing language though technical advisory groups composed of subject matter experts from various interested industry stakeholder groups.