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Oct. 16, 2012

Office of Combative Sports now recognizes state boxing champions and rankings

The Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry's (DLI's) Office of Combative Sports will now recognize state boxing champions and rankings.

Championships and rankings will cover all active boxers in Minnesota weight classes that range from Junior Bantam weight (113 to 115 pounds) to Heavyweight (more than 201 pounds).

"Naming champions and rating fighters will give fans more information about future bouts and will generate more interest in the sport," said Ken Peterson, DLI commissioner. "Most important, rankings will assist the Office of Combative Sports in determining whether matches between fighters are appropriate."

Rankings will be compiled monthly by the Combative Sports Advisory Council's Work Group on Rankings, an advisory group to DLI. Recognized state boxing experts Jake Wegner and Jesse Kelley head the work group. Wegner is the founder and president of the Minnesota Boxing Hall of Fame. Kelley oversees the www.minnesotaboxing.com website.

DLI's Office of Combative Sports will only recognize the rankings as part of its regulatory duties. It will not market or promote the events or the boxers. The rankings will be displayed on the Office of Combative Sports website at www.mncombativesports.com.

October rankings
The work group's October rankings consider championships in all weight classes as being vacant, except for Middleweight (155 to 160 pounds). Hard-punching Caleb Truax of St. Paul is Minnesota's Middleweight champion. Truax has 12 months to defend his championship.

About the Office of Combative Sports
DLI was directed by the Minnesota Legislature to take over the duties and authority of the Combative Sports Commission as of July 1, 2012. DLI's Office of Combative Sports regulates both boxing and mixed martial arts (MMA) events. State MMA rankings are online at www.mncombativesports.com.


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