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Residential elevator and wheelchair lift guidelines


Permit needs to be obtained from the Division and wired by a licensed electrical contractor or elevator contractor with an electrical contractor's license from the Minnesota State Board of Electricity.

NOTE: When an elevator contractor is also a licensed electrical contractor, a single permit issued by our Division covers both the elevator and electrical inspections. When the electrical work is done by an electrical contractor other than the elevator contractor, separate permits must be obtained by the elevator contractor and the electrical contractor. Each contractor is responsible to secure permits and requests for inspection from the appropriate authorities.

The above is applicable to elevator equipment connected to the load side of the disconnecting means. (The installation of the disconnecting means and its power source must be installed by a licensed electrical contractor who is responsible for obtaining electrical permits and inspections for such work.)


Need to follow A17.1 Resident Elevator Rules, Part V. (A) No units are to be exposed to outside elements (snow, rain, ice). (B) Units need to be hard-wired (no plug-ins). (C) Electrical disconnect is required.


Need to have proper overhead clearances.


Need to be on dedicated circuit and properly fused for wire size.


Need to maintain clearances and avoid pinch points.


Fastenings need to be a solid fastening (cut carpet and sheetrock away and fasten directly to wall or floor, or step).


Recommend emergency light (re-chargeable flashlight).


Recommend portable telephone be available to individual when operating unit.

NOTE: These guidelines are presented for clarification and are not intended to restate the requirements of law or code. Installations of elevators, and related equipment, in Minnesota are required to be inspected for compliance with all appropriate laws and codes relating to the safety of the installed equipment.

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