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Workers' compensation -- Worker identification (WID) number

Frequently asked questions

The Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry Workers' Compensation Division has a worker identification -- or WID -- number that may be used instead of a Social Security number (SSN).

The WID number is person-specific:  it is a unique eight-digit number generated when a claim-creating document is received, such as an employee's claim petition or a first report of injury (FROI).

The WID number may be used rather than the SSN, with the date of injury, to identify a specific case file.

Workers' compensation forms that allow for the WID number or SSN to be used are available online at www.dli.mn.gov/WC/WcForms.asp.

1. How is the WID number communicated?

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The Department of Labor and Industry (DLI) sends the WID number in the initial electronic data interchange (EDI) FROI acknowledgement report to the insurer/trading partner. Parties to the claim may also request the WID number, but anyone who does not have authorized access to the division file must first file a properly executed authorization form with the division to obtain the WID number.

If you are filing a document with the division and you don't have the WID number, continue to use the SSN because both numbers are accepted.


2. Is the WID number mandatory?

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The WID number is optional, but its use is strongly encouraged to ensure data privacy.


3. Is the WID number only used on new claims or is it assigned to old cases as well?

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The division has WID numbers for all cases; therefore, WID numbers are available for current and older cases.


4. Does the EDI FROI require a WID number?

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No, the initial EDI FROI containing the WID number (DN0206) will cause the transaction to receive a TE error for MTC 00, 04 or AU. The SSN must be used for those MTC transmissions. However, DLI does process the WID number as part of the match data for MTC 02 and CO where it must be present.

Initial paper FROI forms sent in special circumstances still require the SSN because they are usually the first claim-creating document, which requires the SSN.



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