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Workers' compensation -- COMPACT, for workers' compensation professionals

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February 2016 COMPACTFebruary 2016

  • Dr. Ernest Lampe is DLI's new medical consultant

  • Mileage rate downshifts to 54 cents a mile

  • Rehabilitation Review Panel seeks new members

  • Workers' compensation costs trend downward

  • Office of Workers' Compensation Ombudsman:  Program continues to
    assist injured workers, small businesses

  • Reconciliation, final determination of 2014 SCF assessment 'true-up'

  • Berry, Zaidman detail Minnesota's workers' compensation database

  • CompFact:  Indemnity claim patterns in K-12 schools

  • Follow filing rules to avoid form rejection:  DLI can reject documents lacking necessary information

  • Fax number change:  Special Compensation Fund

  • Two annual reports updated, available online

    • Collection and Assessment of Fines and Penalties in the Workers' Compensation System
    • Prompt First Action Report on Workers' Compensation Claims in the Workers' Compensation System
  • Ask the ADR pro

  • Training opportunities for adjusters, rehabilitation providers, employers

  • Miore resources from DLI:  newsletters, specialty email lists, rulemaking lists

  • Court decisions:  October through December 2015

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COMPACT, is a quarterly publication of the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry that provides workers' compensation related department news and case information.

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