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CCLD code opinions and policy

One the central values of CCLD is to provide consistent administration of the code to our clientele. This emphasis is reflected in everything we do. Our customers are varied and include homebuilders, contractors, architects, engineers, material suppliers, insurance companies, municipal code officials, and ultimately, the building owner. The benefits of providing consistent code administration are significant because of real savings in time, money, positive working relationships, and the ultimate ability to use the building or structure as quickly as possible.

In order to promote better understanding of the code and, therefore, consistent code administration, the division provides several types of documentation that clarifies the intent of various code requirements. A description of each of these can be found below. Each heading will link you to documents in that section. 

Staff Opinion
This describes various forms of quick, brief, but unofficial code information that is provided to a customer. They may be written or verbal and may include phone conversations, emails, faxes, and letters. Staff opinions are one staff member's opinion of the correct answer to a specific question generated by a customer in one of the above formats. Each staff opinion will be qualified with the statement, "This is a staff opinion." The opinion is not binding.

Section Policy
This describes a process where the division's various sections develop written policy on matters relating to the areas or building uses for which they are responsible. The purpose is to provide a formal written position on a subject that the State Building Code does not adequately address. These are initiated and developed by the section as they determine and are signed by the section supervisor. In most cases these policies are binding on work or projects affecting the particular section.

Division Opinion
This describes a formal process where the division responds in writing to a specific written request by a customer. The division processes the request through a Technical Opinion Committee. After following committee procedure, the final opinion is signed by the State Building Official and sent to the customer. Although this opinion is not binding, it likely represents the division's opinion if the subject were appealed to the Commissioner.

Final Interpretation
This describes the authority granted in Minnesota Statutes 326B.127, subd. 5, for the State Building Official to issue a "final [written] interpretation." The purpose is to provide a binding interpretation of a code provision that must be administered by all municipal building officials. A request for a final interpretation must come from a local or state level building code board of appeals. The specific process is outlined in statute. When published, it becomes binding as if part of the State Building Code.

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