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Code Administration Services

bullet NEW: Municipal delegation agreements for public buildings and state-licensed facilities

Contact information
Doug Nord, Supervisor, (651) 284-5838,
Mike Fricke, Building Code Representative, Sr., (651) 284-5841,
Chris Meier, Building Code Representative, Sr., (651) 284-5865,
Scott Wheeler, Building Code Representative, Sr., (651) 284-5876,

This section provides various types of assistance including but not limited to:

  • Assistance in answering code questions and code related issues/concerns.
  • Reviews and assists jurisdictions in their administration of the State Building Code.
  • Review Building Departments that have or request a delegation agreement for Building Code Administration on Public Buildings and State Licensed Facilities.
  • Develop, maintains, and distributes the Code Administration Manual.
  • Conducts mechanical make-up and combustion air programs and residential plan review.
  • Provides disaster response, assisting all municipalities with disaster assessment.
  • Assists Regional Building Officials by conducting inspections on State Projects.
  • Assists Contractor Licensing Enforcement with reports and field work to assist them in their duties.
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