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Orders against contractors

Below is a list of orders issued by the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry (DLI) against a business for violations of licensing laws or labor laws that have occurred after July 1, 2014 (Minnesota Statutes 16C.285). Information is updated monthly.

Information posted below will list the:  company name; city and state; violation; date of violation (when DLI issued the findings to the business); order issued; amount assessed; and file number.

Licensing and administrative orders of misclassification, construction codes and licensing violations

For more information contact the Construction Codes and Licensing Division at (651) 284-5069 or dli.contractor@state.mn.us.

Contractor orders for labor standards and prevailing wage violations

  • 2014:  No orders to report
  • 2015:  No orders to report currently

For more information contact Labor Standard's Prevailing Wage section at (651) 284-5091 or dli.prevwage@state.mn.us.

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