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Electrical licensing information for all Minnesota school districts

It has been brought to the attention of the Department of Labor and Industry that in many school districts throughout the state, school district employees install or maintain and repair electrical wiring on school premises. Please be aware that Minnesota Statutes section 326.242 require that such work must be done by, or under the supervision of, employees properly licensed by the Board of Electricity. In general, this would require that the school district employ a licensed master electrician.

Every new electrical installation in any construction, remodeling, replacement, or repair is also required to be inspected for compliance with the minimum safety standards of the National Electrical Code by either the board or the political subdivision which provides electrical inspection service pursuant to § MS 326.244.

It has been the department's experience that much of the electrical work done by unlicensed persons is not in compliance with the safety standards and may be hazardous. We believe that you, as a school administrator, are concerned with the safety of the persons and property entrusted to you, and request your help in ensuring electrical safety by permitting only properly licensed employees to do electrical work, or securing the services of properly licensed electrical contractors for this purpose.

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